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Avoiding plastic

Wernli eliminates the plastic tray for Petit Beurre

Due to its high functionality, plastic has become an integral part of modern life. The lack of closed loop recycling systems, the still numerous open landfills abroad and the very long decomposition time of plastic in the environment lead to considerable global challenges, both for the environment and for the food chain.

We value plastic packaging materials because of their sophisticated and standardised technology, as well as the high-quality level of product protection with low packaging weight. Since a large part of our purchased packaging is still petroleum-based, we strive to act responsibly and with vision.

Avoidance and reduction: that is our priority strategy. We constantly evaluate our packaging materials and use only the amount necessary to protect and transport our products. The rest is eliminated. This is the case with our Wernli trays, whose false bottoms were removed years ago, or with Petit Beurre, which is now packaged without trays.