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«natural and honest».<br /> Out of conviction.

«natural and honest».
Out of conviction.

The HUG Family promise «natural and honest» is the sustainable basis for our business activities. Seven areas of activity allow us to constantly make improvements and to deepen our culture of sustainability.
<b>Anna Hug</b><br /> Co-Director Markets
Anna Hug
Co-Director Markets
<b>Andreas Hug</b><br /> Chairman of the Administrative Board
Andreas Hug
Chairman of the Administrative Board
«natural and honest».<br /> Out of conviction.

Our seven areas of activity for a sustainable development in the long term

Natural raw materials

Natural raw materials

Packaging materials

Packaging materials

Energy & climate

Energy & climate

Infrastructure & Processes

Infrastructure & Processes

Waste management

Waste management






Natural-honest: Our Path.

The hughaus, our new office building, is built according to Minergie standards.
The hughaus is heated using waste heat from our Tartelettes production facilities.
We only buy UTZ-certified cocoa based on mass balance.
The HUG Family voluntarily works withe the EnAW program in order to optimise its energy efficiency.
We make it a rule to only use Swiss hydropower for our electricity.
Our 395 square meter solar system is up and running.
The natural environment of the company's premises in Malters is awarded the label of the Swiss foundation Nature & Economie.
A continuous improvement process is implemented with the help of over 30 teams.
The HUG Family only buys 100% certified sustainable and segregated palm oil.
We support the Happy Hazelnut Foundation and purchase Turkish hazelnuts harvested without child labor.
We protect our products with effective barrier layers in order to prevent the migration of undesirable substances.
HUG employees take part in the Bike to Work campaign for the first time.
We are reducing Wernli packaging by doing away with false bottoms in trays.
We only use hazelnuts from certified sustainable farming in our own production.
We now only buy free-range eggs.
In order to reduce pesticides, we only use quinoa and chia produced by organic farming.
We care about the welfare of hens: all our eggs are now free-range and not just floor eggs.
All products and services purchased using the climate credit card are 100% carbon offset.
Our 100% Swiss butter is produced according to the Green Milk standard.
The HUG coconut oil comes from conventional farming which is however subject to additional criteria (e.g. peatland protection).
During their break, our employees enjoy coffee using exclusive Max Havelaar Fairtrade coffee beans.
Our mail and parcels are shipped in a climate-neutral way.
We are a partner of the Too Good To Go initiative «Often good for longer».
We are a member of the Palmoil Network Switzerland and take action to improve the production of palm oil.
In order to reduce pesticides, we only use sesame produced by organic farming.
We use Max Havelaar Fairtrade coffee for the Filigrano Mini Café-Tartelette.
We have further reduced our packaging and did away with the Wernli Petit-Beurre tray.
A new energy management system enables us to monitor and optimise our energy consumption.
We have started to offset carbon emissions from the production of the HUG brand packaging.
We have moved in into our new backhaus at the Malters production site
We have managed to reduce heating, for a carbon-neutral infrastructure at the Malters site.
We have closed the energy cycle: using waste heat allows us to further reduce carbon emissions.
We have extended the groundwater cooling system to the new facilities at the production site in Malters.
We have installed six charging stations for electric vehicles at the production site in Malters.
We are proud to be a Waste Warrior Brand and to support Too Good To Go in the fight against food waste.
HUG Campus launched: systematic promotion of professional qualifications of our employees.
We are certified: equal pay for men and women.
We offer the possibility of an integration pre-apprenticeship in our production facility.
For the first time, we have ourselves certified as a "climate-neutral company".
In order to constantly improve our efficiency, two ventilation systems are replaced to help save over 122,000 kWh per year.
Nearby the production site in Malters we are building two life towers to promote biodiversity.
We are switching from floor eggs to free-range eggs for all HUG commercial products.
We produce with organic raw cane sugar.
We sign the pact «Closing cycles for plastic packaging and beverage cartons».
We are investing in the expansion of our in-house solar system.
We only use flaxseed produced by organic farming.
We are establishing a new human rights due dilligence process in our supply chain.
Our edible ice cream spoons reduce plastic waste in direct consumption.
We are founding member of RecyPac: the plastic and beverage carton cycle.
We source 100 percent FSC®-certified folded cardboard and corrugated cardboard.
We package all our biscuits provided with coffee in food packaging made of at least 50% recycled material
Waste disposal is being professionalised within our production building.

We train apprentices to become food technologists.

At least one measure from the employee survey is implemented per team.

We are publishing our first report on human rights due diligence in the supply chain.

Through an additional milestone, we are expanding our solar system once more.

We are reducing our operational CO2 emissions by 30 percent (compared to 2022).
We are increasing our energy efficiency by 6 percent (compared to 2022).
We are reducing the material used for plastic biscuits carriers by 6 percent (compared to 2022).
We are reducing our operational CO2 emissions by 42 percent (compared to 2022).
We are recycling all packaging and recycling it to a high standard.
We are achieving net zero in operational CO2 emissions.

Our labels & certificates

Human in social matters

We comply with labour standards. We are progressive and care about labour and health protection. Ethics and personal integrity are an integral part of the HUG culture.

Entrepreneurial-based economics

Because we comply with international standards, we guarantee the consistently high quality and the food safety of our products and foodstuffs.

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