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An intergenerational project

The backhaus project was completed in 2020/21 and enabled the relocation of Wernli from Trimbach to Malters. The HUG Family invested around 60 million Swiss francs in this project. 90% of the investment was made with Swiss suppliers, which is part of our attachement to Switzerland as our production site. Thanks to this relocation, Malters is now home to one of the most modern production centres for bakery products in Switzerland.

An innovative energy concept

Our heating and cooling requirements for the backhouse are covered by groundwater from the surrounding area and the waste heat from installations such as pneumatic compressors and refrigerators. We gave up on fossil fuels to cover the heating and hot water needs of our production site.

Carbon-neutral production

60% of the heat needed for our ovens come from Swiss hydropower. The remaining 40% come from carbon-compensated propane. The production site in Malters has become carbon-neutral in 2021.

Our own storage space

The backhaus project in Malters allowed the building of an automated high-bay warehouse with 1300 pallet spaces. This is where we now temporarily store our finished products. By doing this, we were able to eliminate the need for external storage space and reduce truck journeys.

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