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We bake your daily moments
of pleasure with heart.

Our promise

We adjust pleasure, nature and Swiss quality to current tastes. In doing so, we have been bringing well-being and pleasure to our consumers and customers and lightening their daily work for over 145 years.

An exemplary joint management

Anna Hug (5th generation) and Marianne Wüthrich Gross successfully lead the HUG Family according to a modern joint management model. This is their way of showing at the highest management level what is a matter of course across the company: flexible working models. As they themselves emphasise: «Our optimal complementarity enables us to achieve better results. We both have more time for ourselves and our own area of activity.»
An exemplary joint management

Our guiding principles



HUG acts with a sense of humanity.

  • Respect
    Our cooperation is built on mutual respect.
  • Trust
    Trust is the foundation of all we do.
  • Tolerance
    Equal opportunities and tolerance are second nature to us.


HUG acts with a sense of entrepreneurship.

  • Innovation
    Our innovative approach generates enthusiasm, amongst ourselves and our customers.
  • Ambition
    We encourage personal initiative in order to fulfil our ambitions.
  • Solutions
    Our action is guided by a search for solutions.


HUG acts with a sense of care.

  • Quality
    All our staff strive to ensure our work is always of the same high quality.
  • Honest - natural
    Our family believes in a fair and sustainable world fit to live in.
  • Commitment
    We recognise our responsibilities.

The HUG Family: some facts and figures

of biscuits are made and sold every year.
people are employed by the HUG Family.
Joseph-Hug Meyer established the HUG bakery in Lucerne.
Mio. CHF
Swiss francs turnover generated in 2023.
of our management team is comprised of women.
of all HUG biscuits are exported worldwide.

My mission is to make customers happy, to ensure our production preserves our natural resources and to keep up our HUG culture.

Anna Hug, Co-Director Markets

It is with great pleasure that I have been committed to a successful family HUG for years.

Marianne Wüthrich, Co-Director Operations

I look forward to contributing to the human, entrepreneurial and caring design of the HUG Family for the 5th generation.

Fabian Hug, Head of Development and Quality Management

I represent the 4th generation, and being able to carry on the work of my predecessors is what fascinates me.

Andreas Hug, Chairman of the Administrative Board
Anna Hug
Co-Director Markets
Marianne Wüthrich
Co-Director Operations
Fabian Hug
Head of Development and Quality Management
Andreas Hug
Chairman of the Administrative Board

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