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Familie & Freizeit

Whatever task you perform at HUG, it should allow you to maintain a stable work-life and work-family balance.

Part-time work and job sharing
Individual part-time work and job sharing give you more freedom for leisure, family, private plans and many more projects.
Various patterns of shift work
Different shift patterns and predefined cycles give our employees more flexible time off during the week. The night premium amounts to an additional 25%. We don't work weekends (production stops on Saturdays by noon at the latest).
Mobile working
Avoiding rush-hour commutes, enjoying flexible working hours, reducing our impact on the environment – mobile working allows this and much more when on-site presence is not essential.
Annualisation of working time
We focus on completing tasks rather than specific working times. The annualisation of working time contributes to a more flexible organisation of work and to compensate for seasonal fluctuations. Should this not be enough, employees can also take unpaid leave.

At HUG, you participate in the design of HUG

At HUG, you participate in the design of HUG

Let us know about your own ideas, decision makers at all levels will listen to you carefully.

Continuous Improvement Process (CIP)
Your suggestions regarding the continuous improvement of our competitiveness are discussed on a regular basis in team meetings. Therefore, you have a direct influence on the tasks to be performed, the workstations, the work processes, etc.
Apology culture
You prefer pragmatic and unconventional approaches to finding solutions? At HUG, you can try, dare and find out your own limits in terms of responsibility. Becaus we believe that trying and sometimes failing is better than not trying at all.

At HUG, sustainability makes sense

At HUG, sustainability makes sense

We are aware of our responsibility. At all levels.

HUG attaches importance to equal treatment
We are committed to fair wages, wage parity and continuing education. We are very pleased about our many long-standing employees.
HUG attaches importance to diversity
Our employees of various age groups, from different nations and with diverse religious backgrounds make all the difference – and make us one big HUG Family.

At HUG, you can achieve success

At HUG, you can achieve success

Whatever position you start from, HUG makes personal growth possible.

Initial training program
At HUG, individual training programs give you the best possible start, and you will interact with our employees from day one. A reference person – a mentor – will be by your side throughout the program.
Continuing education
Because we support talented people in all functions, everyone can further develop their own strengths. External continuing education with the benefit of a financial and time contribution, leadership development courses and various internal trainings are part of the HUG campus.

With HUG, you make peope happy

With HUG, you make peope happy

As a member of the HUG Family, you make many people – and yourself! – genuinely happy.

HUG inspires passion
Our employees participate in our success with great passion. We work with enthusiasm and all share in the celebration of our achievements. We also enjoy our own products when having a break.
HUG proudly on the move
Proud to be HUG! We represent our company when we participate to expert committees, at trade fairs and in schools as well as in our private environment. Because humanity, tradition, innovation and sustainability are at the core of HUG, Wernli and DAR-VIDA.

I am curious by nature and I particularly appreciate the openness to new ideas within the HUG Family. Everyone can share their creative ideas and put them into practice. I also like the positive atmosphere and the straightforward and open discussions at the office. I look forward to meeting my colleagues every day.

Rahel de Bever, Marketing Assistant at HUG