Packaging materials

As little as possible, as much as necessary


Protecting the environment

Protecting our products

Consumption safety

Protecting forests

Avoidance & Reduction

Avoiding plastic

Reducing packaging

Planning for new packaging design

Processing packaging material


PRISMA for a circular economy

Collection 2025

Biscuit trays from recycled PET

Coffee accompaniments in recycled foil

Shipping cartons from recycled materials

Smart void-fill material

Smart inflatable protections

Intelligent packaging is better for the environment.

The HUG Family promise «natural and honest» includes intelligent packaging produced while respecting the resources as much as possible. When it comes to packaging, we have one basic principle: to use only as much as necessary to protect our products and ensure their excellent quality over a constant period of time.
of folding cartons are FSC certified
of shipping cartons are FSC certified
recycled material in plastic trays