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More well-being in welcoming workspaces

Workspace design has a direct influence on the well-being, job satisfaction and productivity of the employees. We therefore paid particular attention to the physical and spatial design of the new backhaus workspaces. In addition to room size and colour scheme, the focus was on lighting, equipment and the arrangement of functional furniture.

The result is a comfortable and appealing environment where people enjoy working.

A new cafeteria for more meeting space

A cafeteria has many functions, which go beyond just catering. It is a place where people can take a break, relax and meet colleagues. And after the break, it is not uncommon to return to work with an extra piece of information or an new idea.

We wanted to create a suitable setting, which is now a bright and friendly meeting place.

Tasty catering for motivated employees

Our staff must be able to eat well and eat healthy. With FELFEL as our catering partner, everyone can choose what they like from the fresh and creative menus on offer. Whether meat eaters, vegans or vegetarians – everyone finds something to suit their palate here.

We also appreciate the fact that 90% of the meal packaging is recyclable or biodegradable. That is why we are committed to collecting empty lunch boxes in the dedicated FELFEL container.

Finally, we also offer meals at subsidised prices – because we care about employee satisfaction.