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Climate neutral company

We have committed ourselves to a holistic climate strategy, which we are implementing step by step. Our primary concern is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions wherever possible; offsetting these emissions is our second priority. In 2020, we started with climate-neutral packaging for the HUG brand. In 2021, for the first time, all incompressible emissions from our energy sources were made climate neutral. In 2022, we certified as a climate-neutral company by an independent partner.

In principle, sixty percent of our CO2 compensation funds are distributed for foreign projects and forty percent for domestic projects. We chose two forest reservation projects that benefit environment and people.

Protecting and preserving biodiversity in Indonesia

The Borneo Forest Reserve in Indonesia protects and preserves 64,500 hectares of tropical rainforest in the south of the island from the threat of deforestation by the conventional palm oil industry. This is the world’s most CO2 absorbing forest reserve and the largest privately funded orangutan reserve. This project is of extraordinary significance due to its unparalleled contribution to climate protection and sustainability.

The project is certified by the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). This is the most widely used standard meeting the requirements of the Kyoto Protocol and also complying with other requirements pertaining to social welfare.

Forest reserve project in the Swiss Napf region

In the Napf region, in Central Switzerland, a forest reserve project preserves 27 hectares of forest from being used for a period of 50 years. The project significantly increases the biomass reserves and thus the amount of CO2 absorbed and promotes local biodiversity. This forest provides a home for a growing variety of protected and endangered animal and plant species and supports the great diversity of plant and animal life in Switzerland’s forests.

Climate-neutral shipping of letters and parcels

Over the course of a business year, we still have plenty of parcels and letters to dispatch. With every shipment, CO2 emissions are inevitably emitted. Since 2019, we have been offsetting these emissions through high-quality climate protection projects implemented by our shipping partners.