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Certified cocoa

We only buy fair trade and certified cocoa

We have been buying only UTZ-certified cocoa in the mass balance model since 2013. In 2018, UTZ and Rainforest Alliance joined forces to create a better future for people and nature.

Rainforest Alliance - a frog for social and environmental causes

With Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa, we are helping to build a better future. The frog stands for sustainable farming and a better future for farmers, workers, their families, and our planet. Through the Rainforest Alliance programme, farmers improve their harvest and income while protecting the environment and the earth's natural resources.

The Rainforest Alliance Standard covers the following topics:

Forests: Promoting best practices for the protection of existing forests
Climate: Promoting responsible farming
Human rights: strengthening the rights of the rural population, safe and healthy working conditions, no child labour
Livelihood: Improving the income situation

The seal states that the cocoa has been produced using methods that support the three pillars of sustainability - social, economic and environmental.

Origin cocoa
Ivory Coast
Origin cocoa