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Certified hazelnuts

We promote the cultivation of sustainable hazelnuts

About 80 per cent of the global demand for hazelnut kernels is produced on the Turkish Black Sea coast and harvested by migrant workers who move from region to region with their families. Child labour and non-provided schooling are a significant problem here.

The Happy Hazelnut Foundation, founded in 2014, is committed to a transparent, sustainable value chain of Turkish hazelnuts without child labour.

HUG has been a supporting member of the Happy Hazelnut Foundation since its inception. In 2021, we sourced around a quarter of our annual hazelnut requirements from this project. The Happy Hazelnut Foundation pursues these goals:

Preventing child labour
Fair remuneration
Improving the living and working conditions of migrant workers and their families
Protecting the environment by promoting organic farming or better agricultural practices
Traceability of hazelnuts from the customer to the farmer

The Happy Hazelnut Foundation is also Rainforest Alliance certified.

Fairly traded and certified hazelnuts

We are pleased that all the hazelnuts we process in our two production facilities are Rainforest Alliance certified. Our aim is to improve the living conditions of Turkish migrant workers and their families with fair wages and to protect the environment with more beneficial agricultural practices in the hazelnut area.

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