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Coffee accompaniments in recycled foil

For hygienic reasons, packaged coffee accompaniments are mainly used in the catering industry. Here, too, the rule is: if it’s packaged, it’s intelligent. In 2021, the HUG Amandes, the HUG Nuss-Härzli and the Willisauer Ringli were re-packaged with 70 percent recycled material. In 2022, the HUG Christmas cookies - cinnamon stars and Mailänderli - followed.

Finally, in 2023, the Wernli specialities Sablé and Choco Petit Beurre are also packaged in 70 percent recycled plastic.

Recyclable, but not yet collected

To close the recycling loop, we would like our rPET foils to be collected, but unfortunately this is not yet possible. Currently, only PET beverage bottles are collected so as not to contaminate the PET recycling chain through sorting errors.

To reduce the amount of plastic waste incinerated in the future, a collection system is needed. This is where PRISMA comes in. We are actively participating in this business initiative to create a circular economy for packaging.