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Corporate culture

Giving confidence

We trust our employees. Their expertise and knowledge, their commitment, their way of thinking and acting are all decisive factors in our success.

For us, trust also means that we leave plenty of room for improvement ideas, innovations and unconventional solutions.

And if something goes wrong, our apology culture comes into play – it is better to try, make mistakes and apologise than to stagnate and not learn from them. Of course, we are even more delighted when an experiment succeeds, and we celebrate successes together. This is what WE means: the totality of all employees. Together, we truly are one big family.

Living human values

We call each other “du”, a culture that puts us all on an equal footing. Many visitors and partners report back to us what they see: we have a natural and honest culture of corporate values and dialogue. Our open attitude, but also our ability to listen to each other and find solutions together in large and small groups do not go unnoticed. Live and let live, that is our motto.

Promoting engagement

We are committed to ensuring that every employee has the best possible working environment in the right place. We support everyone’s abilities and strengths through internal and external training and further education initiatives.

Our corporate culture demands that we regularly check whether we are still on the right track. On a small scale, we make the most of frequent discussions and annual appraisals. On a large scale, we conduct a regular and systematic survey in which our employees can give us anonymous feedback about their job satisfaction, their commitment and the attractiveness of their own position.