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Energy efficiency

We are constantly improving our energy efficiency

It is out of conviction that we make targeted investments in efficient production facilities. We therefore accept any additional costs that may arise from investment projects.

When purchasing refrigeration systems or pneumatic compressors, for example, we pay particular attention to high efficiency, as sustainability protects the environment. In some cases, this also saves operating costs, which is a welcome side effect.

Our latest project, the replacement of two ventilation systems, was completed at the beginning of 2022. This optimisation is part of our continuous efficiency improvement plan and will enable us to save 120,000 kWh per year.

Highlights from past energy efficiency optimisation initiatives:

The hughaus is air-conditioned with groundwater.
The hughaus is heated with waste heat from our tartelettes production facilities.
The waste heat from the pneumatic compressors is used to reheat the water needed for production.
Lighting optimisation: in 2018, we began equipping our Ringli store at the Willisau production site with LED technology. Two years later, we made further changes to the production site in Malters and renovated part of the lighting in the hughaus.
In 2021, we removed the oil-fired heating system and thus closed the energy cycle of the waste heat utilisation system.