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Equal opportunities

A matter of course: equal opportunities for all

We stand for equal opportunities and tolerance – also towards people from other cultures. Our great cultural diversity is supported by approximately 40 percent of foreign-speaking employees from 32 different countries.

Across our company, women make up approximately 54 percent of our workforce and hold 33 percent of management positions.

Our employees of various age groups, from different nations and with diverse religions backgrounds make all the difference – and make us one big HUG Family.

Equal pay for equal work

The federal law on equality between men and women is intendet to ensure the constitutional right to equal pay for equal work and work of equal value. All Swiss companies with more than 100 employees are required to carry out an equal pay analysis and have this analysis audited externally.

Since gender equality and equal opportunities are important values ​​for us, we are very pleased that we have now also received external confirmation of the good implementation of equal pay. The auditor certified that we successfully passed the equal pay analysis in accordance with the federal guidelines.