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Fair work

A social and responsible organisation of work throughout the supply chain

We recognise the principles of the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” as well as the core labour standards of the International Labour Organisation (ILO). Our actions are led by the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

Showing respect for the human and labour rights of our employees, our suppliers, our service providers, our distribution partners, and indirect stakeholders is an integral part of the HUG corporate culture. We disapprove of all forms of human rights violations, especially child labour, forced labour and compulsory labour, and we condemn any kind of discrimination. We are actively committed to protecting the human and labour rights of our employees. Further, all our employees are expected to respect the rights of their fellow human beings and to act to prevent human rights violations.

A reliable organisation of work to protect the employees

We want to set an example and lead the way. Consequently, our company’s social working conditions have been audited by an external assessor in 2022. As a long-standing Sedex member, we chose the SMETA audit, which considers the following key points:

  • Working conditions, occupational safety and health
  • Existence of a regulated employment relationship
  • Compliance with working hours, break times and rest periods
  • Directives and training regarding safety and facilities
  • Employer’s commitment to the protection of the environment and ethical behaviour
  • And many more

During the SMETA audit, our employees were given the opportunity to provide feedback on HUG as an employer, which they did voluntarily and confidentially. We are very pleased that the final and overall assessment was consistently positive.