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Flour & meal

85% of our grain for flour and meal comes from Switzerland

Flour is a fundamental component of our products. Our needs are correspondingly diverse, because not every flour can be used in the same way everywhere. In our doughs, we use wheat and spelt flour that is as natural as possible, but also wheat and spelt meal.

A considerable amount of this wholemeal flour flows into our DAR-VIDA range. As a result, many DAR-VIDA products contain a high proportion of natural dietary fibres. These fibres can regulate intestinal activity and satiate more quickly. DAR-VIDA UrDinkel even consists of 100% genuine UrDinkel. This original Swiss grain is grown by dedicated farmers and processed by hand. Due to last year’s difficult harvest situation, high-quality Swiss PureSpelt is not available in sufficient quantities, hence we use a proportion of pure spelt from abroad.

Our Wernli range, on the other hand, needs particularly fine wheat flour. Both the germ and the husk are removed from the white wheat flour in the mill. This is a prerequisite for giving the popular Wernli specialities their delicate touch.

We need good and, above all, consistent quality for our baked goods. Therefore, depending on the year and the quality of the harvest, a maximum of 15% foreign flour is added to our Swiss wheat and spelt flour and spelt meal.

By the way, 100% of our wheat meal comes from Switzerland.

What makes UrDinkel so special?

The UrDinkel label certifies that only Swiss spelt varieties that have not been crossed with wheat are used in cultivation. The farms produce according to the current guidelines of IP-Suisse and Bio Suisse.

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Origin spelt meal
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