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Our corporate culture is geared towards continuous improvement

Since 2013, the continuous improvement process (HUG CIP) has been an integral part of our corporate culture and has been systematically implemented in all departments.

We strive to go beyond the routine and tap the creative potential of all employees. For example, newcomers are given a detailed introduction to the CIP.

Currently, more than 30 groups are involved in the CIP, which covers all levels of our day-to-day operations.

Every two weeks, the ideas submitted are discussed at a half-hour board meeting, and then measures are defined and implemented.

In this way, even small improvements can have a positive impact on our product quality. In addition, unnecessary waste such as waiting times, overproduction and excess information, overprocessing, defects, errors or poor ergonomics are eliminated.

This not only contributes to our economic success, but also benefits our employees and the environment.