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Protecting our products

Intelligent packaging to reduce food waste

Packaging conveys important information to our consumers at the point of sale and makes products transportable. In addition, packaging ensures that a high standard of hygiene is maintained from production to consumption.

Intelligent packaging not only protects the product and extends its shelf life, but also makes a proactive contribution to reducing household waste and food waste at source. If we compare the environmental impact of growing and processing a food product with that of packaging the same product, this impact is often less than five percent.

Packaging design has a major impact on food rescue

A 2020 Swedish study suggests that rather than eliminating plastic altogether, it is better for climate protection to adapt packaging design and package both intelligently and in smaller portions. This helps consumers prevent food waste.

This study showed that:

21 %
of food waste is caused by spillage from opened packaging
8 %
of food waste is caused by large packaging
5 %
of food waste due to difficulties in emptying the residues.
16 %
of food waste is caused by consumer uncertainty about the meaning of the “best before” label
How we save food

PE film significantly increases food shelf life

All these factors lead us to the conclusion that intelligent packaging reduced to the bare minimum is better than contributing to food waste.