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Protecting the environment

More sustainability through intelligent packaging design

Package design must meet many requirements. On the one hand, the consumer expects content information and easy-opening packaging. On the other hand, law enforcement officials make sure that the list of ingredients, the weight data and the languages used comply with the Swiss standard.

Other aspects such as ecology, efficient logistics and waste disposal are also considered. We follow three basic principles for even more sustainable packaging of our products:

Everything that is not really needed should be removed. A good example of this is our DAR-VIDA range, which has very little packaging.
Only use as much packaging material as is really needed to protect the product. We therefore constantly evaluate and optimise our existing packaging. For example, we have been particularly successful in redesigning the HUG range – the HUG Guezli are now packaged in slim, slender bags.
We use a significant amount of recycled material for our packaging. On the one hand, all our transport cartons are made up largely of recycled corrugated cardboard. On the other hand, the trays for the HUG Tartelettes and the Wernli range contain 80% recycled PET.

Unfortunately, our customers cannot dispose of used trays at PET collection points. We cannot solve this problem alone and need the support of the Swiss authorities, waste management companies and the industry in general to handle the issue. For this reason, and because we firmly believe that packaging materials can be a recycled, we joined the Prisma association in 2020.

PRISMA for a circular economy