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Not only bees love honey

Bees use two different sources for the natural product «honey»: the nectar of flowers and the honeydew of conifers. It goes without saying that the diversity of honey on earth is therefore huge, considering how different the flora is in the various honey-growing regions.

Unfortunately, not enough honey can be produced in Switzerland for industrial needs. For this reason, our honey comes from Yucatan and South America. The imported honey is subject to the same strict Swiss food laws as the domestic honey.

Honey consists mainly of grape and fruit sugars and has up to 180 accompanying substances. Thus, each type of honey has an individual honey profile and filtering. We particularly like the honey from Yucatan because our HUG KnusperPUR Almond Honey Guezli, our HUG Gingerbread Cookies, Magenbrot, Läckerli and Zimtstern as well as the Willisauer Ringli turn out best with this honey.

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South America
Origin honey