Raw materials Raw materials

Pure water

We bake in Malters mainly with water from the springs of Mount Pilatus

Nestled in lush green hills with lush meadows, the crystal-clear water of the Pilatus region collects in Malters, is partly supplemented with groundwater and then flows into our production plant in controlled high quality. Water is a key raw material for convincing products.

Prudent use of water is a matter of course for us

A fountain was installed in front of the HUG administration building in Malters and artistically embellished with a work of art by Schischi Krauer. The water from the fountain is fed by the Malters groundwater stream and refreshes many a thirsty visitor, especially in summer.

The same water flow also air-conditions the administration building, which was built to the Minergie standard.

mostly spring water catchments, supplemented with groundwater
60% mixed water and 40% groundwater