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We stand up against food waste

According to Too Good To Go, almost three times as much food is wasted in private households as in the retail sector and even four times as much as in the catering industry.

Together with Too Good To Go, we are committed to fighting food waste, as we prefer our bakery products to be eaten with pleasure rather than thrown away. For this reason, we include the «Often good for longer» label on many Wernli, HUG and DAR-VIDA products as additional information for consumers.

We are partners of «Often good for longer»

Since 2019, we have been an official partner of the «Often good for longer» initiative by Too Good To Go. The «Often good for longer» label on our packaging makes consumers aware that our products are often still good even after their best-before date has lapsed. We recommend consumers use their senses to check whether a product is still edible. The motto is «look», «smell», «taste» and «enjoy».

Together with our end consumers, we are sending a strong message to save valuable food, when considering that approximately 10 percent of food waste in Europe is due to expired best-before dates.

Many Wernli, HUG and DAR-VIDA products are featured in the initiative