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Swiss butter

Our butter comes 100 percent from Switzerland

Butter is a natural product. It is made exclusively from cream and contains a lot of energy and no additives. This is how butter naturally brings the fine taste to our baked goods and makes connoisseurs' hearts beat faster.

Most of the HUG Guezli produced at our two locations and some of the HUG Tartelettes contain Swiss butter - including from the Kämpfer family's village cheese dairy in Dürrenroth.

By the way, the cream for our butter is produced under the requirements of the «swissmilk green» production standard. This means that there are clear rules for the sustainable welfare of the dairy cows.

Why do Swiss dairy cows like the Swissmilk Green Standard?

The welfare of the dairy cows is the main focus, i.e. they are given free range, milked twice a day and fed 90 percent native grass. If a cow is sick, medication is used according to the situation. Critical antibiotics are used cautiously and only with permission from the vet. Social connection is important for the cows within the herd, but also to "their" farmers. Speaking of Bella and Tulipe, they are the name favourites of the Swissmilk Green dairy farmers.

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