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Swiss Folic Acid Foundation

We are an active partner of the Swiss Folic Acid Foundation

Folic acid is essential for cell growth and effective cell division. Simply put: no folic acid, no life. This is why folic acid is also called the vitamin of life. Folic acid is particularly important when cells are growing rapidly – especially in early pregnancy. During this time, the cells divide a billion times.

HUG has been an active partner in the “Folic Acid Offensive” since its launch in 1999 and offers four products with naturally high folic acid content:

HUG Zwieback without sugar
DAR-VIDA Linseed
DAR-Vida Pure Spelt

The Folic Acid label on these products indicates an extra portion of this vital vitamin.  This makes it easier for consumers to shop consciously.

The vision of the Swiss Folic Acid Foundation

The “Swiss Folic Acid Foundation” aims to close the folic acid gap in cooperation with leading food producers, the retail trade and specialist bodies. The foundation is committed to:

Pursuing educational work and raising awareness among the Swiss population
Launching folic acid products in cooperation with partners
Organising specialist lectures
Supporting young people affected by the consequences of folic acid deficiency
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