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The SSN association

We are committed to a balanced diet

The Swiss Society for Nutrition (SSN) is the national competence centre for nutrition. It takes on assignments and develops services that help to increase the nutritional knowledge of the population and improve framework conditions. In doing so, it adopts an approach that makes it possible for everybody to take responsibility for their own eating behaviour and understand information.

The activities of the SSN focus on prevention and health promotion. Its core competences lie in the acquisition and practical implementation of scientific knowledge on specific nutritional issues, as well as the development of a target-oriented approach to content dissemination. The SSN has an important bridging function between science, the public, the authorities and industry. It thus promotes the transfer of knowledge and the effectiveness of dietary information and projects.

As a donor member of the Swiss Society of Nutrition, we are committed to a balanced diet and support the SSN in providing the Swiss population with information and explanations on nutritional issues.

SSN association