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Workplace health promotion

Protecting health

Together with our employees, we are actively committed to careful occupational safety and comprehensive health protection. On an annual basis, we carry out rolling risk assessments at our production facilities and set training priorities for our employees accordingly.

Every month, we publish internal prevention posters on occupational safety and health protection to raise employee awareness.

To motivate everyone to pay even more attention to health issues at the workplace, when there are no accidents at work for 30 days, we offer a healthy morning snack to all our employees as a thank-you gift.

Promoting health

Our aim is not simply to meet legal requirements, but to promote a culture of safety that prevents injuries and disability among our employees.

For example, we offer our employees regular advice on ergonomics.

We also set cyclical annual targets for health promotion, either at company level or in the various departments. For example, our 2018 focus was “We promote fitness and cohesion through joint activities”.

Designated company first aiders

We are delighted that around 40 employees have been trained as company first aiders. The training is provided annually by the local Samaritans. Trainees are instructed alternately in either BLS/AED or First Aid techniques.

Our infrastructure is also geared towards life-saving resuscitation measures. Our first aid stations in the production buildings are well equipped. In addition, each building is provided with a defibrillator and various emergency kits.

Every two years, we also hold evacuation drills in Malters and Willisau. And every three years, more than 30 employees take part in practical fire protection training.